CleanTek Water Solutions: Wastewater Screen

The RS-416 is our largest capacity (up to 10 mgd) wastewater screen. Like all of the RS models, this screen is an inclined drum technology that is self-cleaning. Its automatic drive system and automatic overflow bypass features mean extremely low maintenance. The original design was developed more than 40 years ago; over 4000 installations combined with continuous improvement and innovation mean that it continues to be unsurpassed in quality and reliability.

We have a full suite of design types and capacities ranging from the RS-11 to the RS-416. Regardless of size, each one offers many advantages such as:

  • - up to 90% lower spray wash usage as compared to continuous spray systems
  • - virutally no risk of pass through by virtue of the elimination of vertical or slotted seals
  • - removable steel splash guards
  • - high capacity and capture in a small footprint
  • - low maintenance and low energy use
  • - high reliability for a long service life

With perforated opening sizes from 0.6mm to 6mm diameter and capacities up to 6980 gpm, there is a Roto-Sieve model for every application. In industrial uses, it serves in both product processing and wastewater treatment; in municipal applications, it handles primary wastewater treatment, as well as sludge screening. It can be used effectively in nearly every situation where solids must be separated from a liquid.

Diverse resources, extensive industry knowledge, and a wide product line enable CleanTek to deliver the best equipment and solutions including the Roto-Sieve drum screen, sludge heat exchanger and a variety of other engineered solutions customized to achieve excellent results for process water, industrial wastewater, and municipal wastewater applications.

Talk to our experienced professionals today about designing a high performance cost effective wastewater system for your operation.

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