Sludge Heat Exchanger

If your municipal or industrial operation has a requirement for heating or cooling sludge, or recovering heat from hygenisated or digested sludge, consider that the VSV sludge heat exchanger delivers the best ROI in the industry, whether configured as sludge/water or sludge/sludge. The key to its impressive performance is the modular design that offers the ability to modify and optimize the configuration for each specific application along with the patented open turning chambers that ensure the highest heat transfer. Enhanced efficiency and easy maintenance are important benefits of this unit.

The VSV sludge/water heat exchanger is a "tube in shell" system employing circular cross section sludge tubes surrounded by rectangular cross section water channels. A cross current flow provides the highest efficiency. The sludge tubes are available in five diameters and various lengths (up to 20 feet) and can be configured as 1 to 4 tubes per level and 2 to 22 levels per system. This degree of flexibility in design allows for each application's specific needs with respect to velocity, shear rate, pressure loss, Reynolds number, physical dimensions and ultimately efficiency of heat transfer.

Configured as a sludge/sludge heat exchanger, the VSV connects two sludge/water exchangers in a closed loop. This arrangement allows the energy lost when cooling digested sludge to be used for heating undigested sludge, while eliminating the possibility of cross contamination.

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