Fine Screen

The Roto-Sieve is eminently useful and cost effective as a fine screen in front of MBR systems. Its circular perforation and internal feed design practically eliminate the possibility of fibers or hair passing through, serving to protect and prolong the life of the MBR membrane. The Roto-Sieve is an inclined drum screen, internally fed and self cleaning. It is unlikely that a hair a fibre will orient itself at precisely the right angle while moving against the flow of water to bypass the screen; in other words, the Roto-Sieve removes virtually all hair and fibres very effectively.

Its quality and reliability has been demonstrated in over 4000 units installed throughout the world. Its other benefits include low energy consumption, and a long service life, low maintenance requirements and high reliability, low water usage and no seals (and therefore no seal failures), all packed into a small footprint.

The Roto-Sieve fine screen is a sound investment that improves the performance and capacity of downstream processes. Contact us today to learn how we can customize a unit for your application.

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