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CleanTek Water Solutions is a leading provider of high quality separation/filtration systems for wastewater management, including fine screens for MBR systems, rotary drum screens (the renowned Roto-Sieve) and sludge heat exchangers. Call 1-866-929-7773 for immediate assistance.

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The Roto-Sieve is eminently useful and cost effective as a fine screen in front of MBR systems. Its circular perforation and internal feed design practically eliminate the possibility of fibers or hair passing through, serving to protect and prolong the life of the MBR membrane. The Roto-Sieve is an inclined drum screen, internally fed and self cleaning. It is unlikely that a hair a fibre will orient itself at precisely the right angle while moving against the flow of water to bypass the screen; in other words, the Roto-Sieve removes virtually all hair and fibres very effectively.

Its quality and reliability has been demonstrated in over 4000 units installed throughout the world. Its other benefits include low energy consumption, and a long service life, low maintenance requirements and high reliability, low water usage and no seals (and therefore no seal failures), all packed into a small footprint.

The Roto-Sieve fine screen is a sound investment that improves the performance and capacity of downstream processes. Contact us today to learn how we can customize a unit for your application.

A properly designed MBR screen is perhaps the most crucial and certainly valuable element of a membrane bioreactor treatment system. A relatively low incremental investment in the right technology, such as the Roto-Sieve, will mitigate problems of membrane damage and clogging, enabling the MBR system to function at its optimum capacity longer and with the lowest operating costs.

The Roto-Sieve is a high performance drum screen. With over 4000 units installed around the world, and many years of continuous improvement, it is the most advanced internally fed system on the market today. One of the most important advances in engineering within the Roto-Sieve is the drive system and the fact that it requires no trunnion wheels. What this means in your application is no need for lubrication, as well as lower maintenance costs and higher reliability.

The benefit for your operation of the system's high reliability, long service life and low energy consumption is that a Roto-Sieve drum screen is an excellent investment. There is a great deal of flexibility in design and capacity, so there is a model to meet every need in municipal and industrial applications. Contact us for a quote or more information.

The Roto-Sieve is a rotary drum screen available in 5 models, ranging from the smallest RS-11, with a capacity of 140 gpm, to the largest RS-416 which can process nearly 7000 gpm. With the exception of the RS-11 and its permanently lubricated trunnion wheels, each model features a drive system without trunnion wheels for significantly lower maintenance requirements and better reliability. Each model operates efficiently using very little energy with a 3/4 HP motor (or less, in the case of the RS-11 at 1/3 HP). The standard perforation sizes range from 0.8mm to 3.0 mm, and larger perforated openings are available to meet your specific needs. Talk to us today about your specifications, and we'll recommend the configuration that will give your operation the best ROI.

The Roto-Sieve drum screen can be effectively used in almost any application where solids, including particles and fibers, need to be separated from a liquid. With over 4000 units installed around the world, and continuous technological improvements, this system offers the best separation that can be achieved mechanically. Its innovative design delivers advantages over other drum screens such as reliability, very low spray water and energy usage, high capacity in a small footprint, virtually no risk of pass through, low maintenance costs and a long service life - all of which add up to an excellent investment in wastewater screening.

If your municipal or industrial operation has a requirement for heating or cooling sludge, or recovering heat from hygenisated or digested sludge, consider that the VSV sludge heat exchanger delivers the best ROI in the industry, whether configured as sludge/water or sludge/sludge. The key to its impressive performance is the modular design that offers the ability to modify and optimize the configuration for each specific application along with the patented open turning chambers that ensure the highest heat transfer. Enhanced efficiency and easy maintenance are important benefits of this unit.

The VSV sludge/water heat exchanger is a "tube in shell" system employing circular cross section sludge tubes surrounded by rectangular cross section water channels. A cross current flow provides the highest efficiency. The sludge tubes are available in five diameters and various lengths (up to 20 feet) and can be configured as 1 to 4 tubes per level and 2 to 22 levels per system. This degree of flexibility in design allows for each application's specific needs with respect to velocity, shear rate, pressure loss, Reynolds number, physical dimensions and ultimately efficiency of heat transfer.

Configured as a sludge/sludge heat exchanger, the VSV connects two sludge/water exchangers in a closed loop. This arrangement allows the energy lost when cooling digested sludge to be used for heating undigested sludge, while eliminating the possibility of cross contamination.

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The RS-416 is our largest capacity (up to 10 mgd) wastewater screen. Like all of the RS models, this screen is an inclined drum technology that is self-cleaning. Its automatic drive system and automatic overflow bypass features mean extremely low maintenance. The original design was developed more than 40 years ago; over 4000 installations combined with continuous improvement and innovation mean that it continues to be unsurpassed in quality and reliability.

We have a full suite of design types and capacities ranging from the RS-11 to the RS-416. Regardless of size, each one offers many advantages such as:

  • - up to 90% lower spray wash usage as compared to continuous spray systems
  • - virutally no risk of pass through by virtue of the elimination of vertical or slotted seals
  • - removable steel splash guards
  • - high capacity and capture in a small footprint
  • - low maintenance and low energy use
  • - high reliability for a long service life

With perforated opening sizes from 0.6mm to 6mm diameter and capacities up to 6980 gpm, there is a Roto-Sieve model for every application. In industrial uses, it serves in both product processing and wastewater treatment; in municipal applications, it handles primary wastewater treatment, as well as sludge screening. It can be used effectively in nearly every situation where solids must be separated from a liquid.

For more information about our wastewater screen products including the Roto-Sieve drum screen, or for a custom quote to meet your specific needs, contact us online or call 1-866-929-7773. Our experts are ready to assist you.