SSP Shaftless Screw Press

All of our screenings presses can economically and effectively dewater screenings from both in-channel and Roto-Sieve® screens in a variety of applications. This line of products will significantly lower your hauling and disposal costs by reducing both the weight and volume of screenings.

The SSP Shaftless Screw Press is a reliable and well proven screenings press that can both dewater and transport  screenings to almost any horizontal distance desired.   It is an all-in-one conveyor, compactor, and dewaterer. The shaftless spiral makes the SSP particularly suitable for materials that tend to stick to and tangle a shaft. Materials with variable particle sizes and irregular shapes can also be transported and dewatered without any problem using the SSP.

Features and Benefits
  • 304 or 316 stainless steel construction.
  • Shaftless or shafted spirals constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel.
  • Wide range of models to handle almost any application.
  • Robust design and long life components.
  • Flexible design for new and retrofit projects.
  • Ability to transport screenings long distances while also dewatering.
  • Flexible adjustment of back pressure.
  • Multiple screens may discharge to a single SSP unit.
  • Inspection hatches to simplify maintenance.
  • Optional bagging device at discharge.