VSV Sludge Heat Exchanger

The VSV Sludge/Water heat exchanger is a “Tube in Shell” heat exchanger used to heat and cool biological sludge. The sludge tubes are a circular cross section surrounded by rectangular cross section water channels. The flow of the sludge and the water is cross current for highest efficiency.

The VSV heat exchanger utilizes a modular construction, with each heat exchanger being designed specifically for each application. There are five diameter sludge tube sizes available. There is the flexibility of one to four sludge tubes per level and 2 to 22 levels in the heat exchanger design. The sludge tubes can measure up to 20 feet in length. This design flexibility optimizes velocity, Reynolds number, shear rate, and pressure loss in the sludge flow for efficient heat transfer. This also provides flexibility in the physical size of the heat exchanger, as the design is easily modified to fit in an existing plant.

The units are constructed of high corrosion resistant materials. The sludge tubes are 316 stainless steel. All of the other wetted material is Duplex stainless steel alloy. The covers and support legs are 304 stainless steel. The 316 stainless steel sludge tubes provide a longer life and more efficient heat transfer.

The VSV Sludge/Water Heat Exchanger has proprietary and patented sludge turning chambers. These turn chambers have a small radius for a compact design. The mixing action in the turning chambers equalize the thermal profile in the sludge tubes for more efficient heat transfer.

The VSV may also be configured as a Sludge/Sludge heat exchanger.  In this configuration two VSV Sludge/Water heat exchangers are connected with a closed water loop. This allows the recovery of the energy lost when cooling digested sludge to be used to heat up undigested sludge.  The use of this closed water design  eliminates the possibility of cross contamination between the digested sludge and the undigested sludge.

Features and Benefits
  • Specifically designed for sludge.
  • Circular channels provide large throughput; low pressure loss; and very low clogging risk.
  • Compact design of the patented turnchambers not only provides a compact unit but also provides for more efficient heat transfer; easy installation; and simple maintenance.
  • Modular design provides a large degree of design flexibility to provide a small footprint.
  • Unit has a small footprint and is easy to install.
  • Simple and straight forward maintenance.
  • Design utilizes corrosion resistant stainless steel.
  • The Sludge-Water configuration eliminates risk of sludge contamination.
  • The best ROI in the industry.
  • All heat exchangers are constructed in accordance with Section VIII, Division I, of the ASME Pressure Vessel Code.