Our decanters are the state-of-the-art supernatant withdrawal mechanism.

The system design is based entirely on gravity and differential pressure. The decanter, which floats up and down on the changing water surface level with the help of pontoons, has evenly distributed decanting holes to create an even and low velocity flow. The state-of-the-art design utilizes multiple orifices to keep velocities at a minimum and pulls treated effluent from just below the surface to minimize the possibility of entraining floatables.

Our patented solids excluding design effectively prevents suspended solids from entering the decanter during aeration and agitation without the use of conventional valves or pumps. The operation of the solids excluding ball mechanism is controlled by pressure changes in the decanter via a valve on the outside of the SBR basin. Decanted water then exits the basin through a flexible outlet pipe mounted in the basin wall.

Features and Benefits
  • Patented automatic solids excluding design is based entirely on gravity and differential pressure.
  • A fully floating design that moves up and down with the changing water level.
  • Flexible connection in the basin.
  • Evenly spread decanting holes are located just under the water surface.
  • System requires no conventional valves or pumps.
  • Moves freely in vertical plane with maximum distance from settled sludge in the decanting process.
  • Creates low flow velocity with no risk of eddies and sludge migration.
  • Patented design prevents unwanted solids from entering the outflow pipe.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free.
  • Years of reliable performance around the world.