KP Piston Press

All of our screenings presses can economically and effectively dewater screenings from both in-channel and Roto-Sieve® screens in a variety of applications. This line of products will significantly lower your hauling and disposal costs by reducing both the weight and volume of screenings.

The KP Piston Press is a great economical option for dewatering screenings where either space is a constraint or there is a need to lift the screenings vertically at the outlet. The Piston Press combines the good dewatering capacity of a screw press with the capability of a hydraulic press to lift and transport the dewatered material. This is made possible by the flexibility of the unique drive system which utilizes a worm gear motor and a trapezoidal threaded shaft. The piston compresses the screenings in a press zone with small openings for high dewatering. To create the resistance required for dewatering, the piston press is connected to a press pipe or an adjustable counter-pressure device. Pressate and flush water is collected in a trough underneath the press housing and discharged through an outlet. Dewatered screenings are discharged via a press pipe to a bin/dumpster or continuous bagging device.

Features and Benefits
  • 304 or 316 stainless steel construction.
  • Range of models to handle different applications.
  • Robust design and long life components.
  • Flexible design for new and retrofit projects.
  • Ability to transport screenings significant vertical distances at the outlet via a press pipe.
  • Compact design is particularly suitable for tight spaces.
  • Use of piston minimizes risk of screenings wrapping around a shaft.
  • Low profile design easily fits under other equipment like screens and conveyors.
  • Optional bagging device at discharge.