CleanTek Water Solutions: Rotary Drum Screen

The Roto-Sieve is a rotary drum screen available in 5 models, ranging from the smallest RS-11, with a capacity of 140 gpm, to the largest RS-416 which can process nearly 7000 gpm. With the exception of the RS-11 and its permanently lubricated trunnion wheels, each model features a drive system without trunnion wheels for significantly lower maintenance requirements and better reliability. Each model operates efficiently using very little energy with a 3/4 HP motor (or less, in the case of the RS-11 at 1/3 HP). The standard perforation sizes range from 0.8mm to 3.0 mm, and larger perforated openings are available to meet your specific needs. Talk to us today about your specifications, and we'll recommend the configuration that will give your operation the best ROI.

Diverse resources, extensive industry knowledge, and a wide product line enable CleanTek to deliver the best equipment and solutions including the Roto-Sieve drum screen, sludge heat exchanger and a variety of other engineered solutions customized to achieve excellent results for process water, industrial wastewater, and municipal wastewater applications.

Talk to our experienced professionals today about designing a high performance cost effective wastewater system for your operation.

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