MBR Screen

A properly designed MBR screen is perhaps the most crucial and certainly valuable element of a membrane bioreactor treatment system. A relatively low incremental investment in the right technology, such as the Roto-Sieve, will mitigate problems of membrane damage and clogging, enabling the MBR system to function at its optimum capacity longer and with the lowest operating costs.

The Roto-Sieve is a high performance drum screen. With over 4000 units installed around the world, and many years of continuous improvement, it is the most advanced internally fed system on the market today. One of the most important advances in engineering within the Roto-Sieve is the drive system and the fact that it requires no trunnion wheels. What this means in your application is no need for lubrication, as well as lower maintenance costs and higher reliability.

The benefit for your operation of the system's high reliability, long service life and low energy consumption is that a Roto-Sieve drum screen is an excellent investment. There is a great deal of flexibility in design and capacity, so there is a model to meet every need in municipal and industrial applications. Contact us for a quote or more information.

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