WSP Screenings Washer/Press Page

All of our screenings presses can economically and effectively dewater screenings from both in-channel and Roto-Sieve®  screens in a variety of applications. This line of products will significantly lower your hauling and disposal costs by reducing both the weight and volume of screenings.

The WSP Washer/Press is a high performance washer/press that can wash and dewater screenings to a very high dry solids level (up to 55%) utilizing a proprietary design. Material is washed during transport and dewatered in the unit’s perforated dewatering zone. A plug of highly dewatered material is formed at the outlet end due to the resistance created by three unique and proprietary counterforce plates. The very dry screenings are then discharged to a bin or continuous bagging system.

Features and Benefits
  • 304 or 316 stainless steel construction.
  • Spirals constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel.
  • Robust design and long life components.
  • Flexible design for new and retrofit projects.
  • Flexible adjustment of back pressure.
  • Up to 55% dry solids at outlet when utilizing the WSP Washer/Press.
  • Washing of screenings to reduce organic content.
  • Inspection hatches to simplify maintenance.
  • Low profile design easily fits under other equipment like screens and conveyors.
  • Optional bagging device at discharge.